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iPhone 6S Repairs

Most screen replacement done in 15-30 minutes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

While there are always shops out there that can provide cheaper repair services, you should beware of prices that seem too good to be true. A cheap repair often involves subpar or second-hand replacement parts, inexperienced technicians, and further damaged devices. When you repair your phone at a cheap repair shop, prepare to fork out more money for more repairs in the long run. 

At MKC Repairs, we only use professional-grade replacement parts for all our repairs. Our team of qualified technicians are trained to handle every make and model out there, so you can trust that your device is always in good hands. 

While we try our best to get every repair right the first time, things may not always work out as planned. This is why all our services are backed by a 90-day warranty, so we can help you with any future issues at no additional cost. 

Most repairs can be completed in under 30 minutes, but that depends on the extent of damage and the phone model. For more complicated repairs that need additional equipment, such as an iPhone back glass replacement, you can expect your device to be fixed in approximately one to two hours. 

Contrary to popular belief, you should not place your phone in a bag of rice— doing so will not make any difference to the moisture trapped inside. In the worst-case scenario, grains of rice can find its way into your phone’s headphone jack and charging port, causing even more damage than before.

After retrieving your phone from the water source, turn off your phone and remove the SIM card and/or memory card. Do not press any buttons or charge your phone. Next, gently wipe down all outer surfaces with a dry cloth.

Once you’re done, bring your liquid damaged device into MKC Repairs as soon as you can and our expert technicians will gladly take over from there! 

You should first check your wall adapter and charging cable for any signs of damage, such as corrosion, bent prongs or breakage. If there is no visible damage, test your charger with another device to ensure its working. You should always use the charger that came with your phone. If you are using a third-party charger, make sure it’s manufacturer-approved. 

To remove any potential interference, take out your phone case and carefully clean out dirt and debris from the charging port. Our technicians can clean out your device’s charging port for you if needed. Next, firmly plug the charging cable into your phone. If you’ve verified that your charger works but your phone doesn’t charge when it’s plugged in, your charging port is most likely damaged. 

For a more accurate diagnosis, bring your device to MKC Repairs and our technicians will look at it for you. 

Here at MKC Repairs, your privacy is paramount to us. Our technicians undertake rigorous training and background screening, so you can rest assured knowing that your personal data is kept 100% confidential throughout the repair process. You won’t have to provide us with your phone password if you aren’t comfortable. 

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MKC Repairs

Jay Rathore
Jay Rathore

this place is so amazing. customer service was incredible. they fix your phone right in front of your eyes. they were super professional, extremely quick, and the employees have so much character. also answered any questions i hadn’t about my phone unrelated to my issue which wasn’t a broken screen. def recommend this place. thank you!


“Service and pricing was immaculate. At first we went into the wrong mobile shop just down the road from MKC Repairs, they damaged my phone and the lady there also charged me $10 just for looking at it. She also screamed at me for asking for a refund. I later found MKC just down the road they fixed it for $30 in 30 minutes. Keep up the good work guys, i have recommended you to all my friends!”


I went to Apple and they quoted phone fault $120 plus parts 2 days. I then Went to Laverton Market and they said $40 plus parts end of day pick up. Went to MKC and it was fixed in 30sec, no charge, a button was stuck showed me the button how to fix it. I have had this problem for a week and he fixes it 30sec. Offered to pay but no, happy to help.

Ricky Tran
Ricky Tran

This is my first time in MKC Repair Elizabeth store. Quick and helpful service. My iPhone XS has been charging problem I brought it in this morning for a battery or charging replacement as i thought it would be . They ran diagnostic and told me my battery is still fine and that I didn’t need a replacement. For the charging port also they told that i need the cleaning of the port as they found a lot of dust. they did it and it works fine. They may charge for the charging port but there honesty is the one i would always want to visit. That’s why I recommend these guys.
I would like to recommend them as best repair station i ever visited.

Alexander Kozlov
Alexander Kozlov

Replaced a broken screen on Huawei Mate 9. Great quality, rapid service, helpful stuff. Delivered on best price guarantee. I wish you guys would one day expand to car repair business...